“pretty much everything…a bankruptcy lawyer could ask for – all within an integrated and easy to use application.”

Bankruptcy + is an easy to use all-in-one reference for the working bankruptcy attorney.  Whether in court, on the road, or at your desk, have the Federal Code, Federal Rules, and Local Rules at your fingertips in a single searchable application.

Why drag pounds of books to court? Why spend hundreds of dollars every year on updates when you can have everything you need up to date and on your iPhone?

For the first time ever, all available Local Rules are collected into a single universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!

Customer reviews

“Pretty much everything…a bankruptcy lawyer could ask for – all within an integrated and easy to use application.”

Robert Ambrogi

“I’ve used it in trial several times. It works great. You should be able to sell this to every bankruptcy lawyer.”

“A very valuable app. The cost is essentially negligible. I pay more for my desk copy of Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Forms.”

Bankruptcy Documents:

-Bankruptcy Code

– Bankruptcy Rules

– Local Rules†

– Title 18 and Title 28 (Bankruptcy chapters)

– Contact information for all Bankruptcy Courts, Appellate Courts, and Trustees.

Key Features:

– Search by keyword, section number, or rule number. A keyword search of the Bankruptcy Code brings up a complete list of all the relevant sections. Jump to any section instantly and move back and forth between occurrences of the keyword. The Bankruptcy Rules and Local Rules also have the same powerful keyword search capability. Keyword search of the text is also available when viewing a statute or rule.

-The Code, Rules, and Local Rules are fully cross-indexed and hyperlinked. References to other Code sections and Rules are fully indexed in the Bankruptcy Code, Bankruptcy Rules, and Local Rules. Simply touch the hyperlinked reference to bring it up without searching through tables of section or rule numbers.

-Bookmark sections, annotate the bookmark, email the section and annotation

– Email sections of interest

-Flip between the Code, Rules, and Local Rules instantly.

– Flip back and forth between all of them without losing your place.

– Dial a Court or Trustee directly by touching the phone number linked in the App.

-Find a Court with Google™ maps††.

– Links to all the Bankruptcy Court web pages.



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