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Mobilizing the Practice of Law:

Lawyer-Apps Boosts Its Portable Paperless Practice With
New App and First-Ever Alliance with Uniform Law Commission

Family Law App Now in iTunes

BOSTON (January 6, 2015) — Lawyer-Apps today announced that its Family Law app has been approved and released for sale in the App Store on iTunes, adding to the company’s digital products that mobilize the practice of law, advance the portability of legal content, and end the ritual and expense of annual law library updating.

The Family Law app joins the Trusts & Estates app as the most recent applications created with Lawyer-Apps’ new content partner, the Uniform Law Commission (ULC). This new mobile application, Family Law, continues to advance the practicality of the paperless law practice.

Lawyer-Apps is a Boston-based developer of legal apps that run on iOS devices. In addition to its relationship with the ULC, Lawyer-Apps has formed a content alliance with the American Law Institute (ALI) for the development of legal apps that use Uniform Commercial Code content. Additional applications, based on ALI content, are also available, including Secured TransactionsInstruments-Deposits-Funds, and Sales & Leases. This is the first time that either ALI or ULC have worked with a company to successfully create iOS applications.

“The ULC has been looking for ways to take these outstanding apps and make them available to attorneys and the public,” said Terry Morrow, Legislative Director of the ULC. “In working with Lawyer-Apps, we were able to create apps grouped by subject area in order to help people access related content easily and use our content efficiently. The suite of apps is designed to make an attorney’s work life easier, and the ULC is excited to be an important part of that goal.”

Lawyer-Apps has made it easier for lawyers, judges and law students to gain access to legal content quickly. The apps provide an alternative to costly law libraries that require expensive annual updating and significant time to maintain. Lawyer-Apps’ content is continually updated, which eliminates the reoccurring expenses of updates, pocket parts and new volumes.

The individual apps can be downloaded at

Lawyer-Apps offers a line of integrated legal reference and practice tools, best suited for the iPad, and are in use in courtrooms and law offices across the country. Lawyer-Apps is the pioneer of the “portable paperless practice.” Users have direct access – without an Internet connection – to legal content. There is no longer a need for lawyers to bring the applicable code, rules, or local rules to court appearances. All relevant materials reside in the app on the user’s device and now entire practice areas are available at lawyers’ fingertips.

The existing product line, including Bankruptcy +, and a series of federal law apps, such as LaborLaw and TaxLaw, are the first known apps that blend in complete functionality and navigation of the iOS platform across a variety of complex federal and state laws. Unlike other legal apps, Lawyer-Apps’ content is continually updated and sanctioned by the ALI and ULC.

Lawyer-Apps has improved on the functionality of paper reference books with bookmark features, easy navigation and enhanced search capabilities. Users can also email sections, locate courts with Google Maps, and find contact information for local courts and functionaries. The apps are priced from $4.99 to $29.99 and offer free updates. More information about the apps can be found at


About Lawyer-Apps

Lawyer-Apps is a collaboration between Linsay Associates, LLC, a developer of apps for the legal and medical fields, and bgblaw, LLC, a developer of apps and solutions for the legal industry. Paul Linsay, manager of Linsay Associates, has extensive experience in computers and computing from embedded controllers to large-scale scientific computation. In the past 10 years, Linsay has been an entrepreneur with several small startups, including Lawyer-Apps. bgblaw’s principal is Barry Braunstein, an attorney practicing in Boston. Barry Braunstein is a commercial workout attorney and experienced litigator, with the law firm Riemer & Braunstein LLP, where his expertise is problem real estate loan resolution, with an overall emphasis on creditors’ rights.

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